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Julia Barling has been practising as a lawyer since 2003. She is a nationally accredited (NMAS) mediator and is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner accredited by the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department.

In 2021 Julia changed the focus of her career and established Barling Mediation.

Based in Warrnambool in South West Victoria, Barling Mediation services Western Victoria and South East South Australia. Zoom mediations are also available in other locations across Australia. 

Instead of advising and representing individuals with legal issues, Julia is committed to working with all people involved in a dispute to resolve their issues as soon as possible and fundamentally reduce the cost of conflict. 

Many people think that "cost" refers only to the dollar cost, particularly legal expenses. What people often overlook is the emotional cost of disputes. Julia has seen first hand the impact that ongoing conflict has on people’s lives. She has observed the toll that conflict takes on relationships, sleep, health, reputations and productivity. 

Barling Mediation is committed to helping people come together, identify the issues in dispute and work through them. With Julia's help you can draw a line in the sand and find a way forward.

What issues can be mediated?

Barling Mediation helps people work through their issues and reach an agreement that is acceptable to all people involved. 

Issues between

family members

Disputes between

business owners

Business and







Community and



Family law

parenting plans




or property

Issues between

parents and


older family

With or about



Estate planning

wills and

Disputes around


Services Available

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In person or lawyer inclusive mediations are available, depending on the type of dispute and what stage in the dispute resolution process you are in. 

Face to face mediations can take place at a location agreed by everyone involved. Julia is happy to travel to you.

Online mediations using zoom technology are also available if the parties agree. This is something that is happening more and more often and is very helpful if the people involved or their lawyers do not live close to each other. 

Shuttle mediations are available either in person or online if appropriate.

Mediator facilitated negotiations is where the mediator facilitates negotiation by exchanging proposals between the people via individual video meetings, phone and email discussions.

What exactly is mediation?