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"Julia is calm and reassuring in immensely difficult circumstances.

We couldn't have reached an agreement without her expert guidance"

"With Julia's help, we were able to draw a line in the sand and work towards a new normal for our family which seemed impossible at the time"

"This process happened so quickly. I was worried that we would be waiting months (or even years?) to have this sorted out, but you helped us get it all done and dusted. Thanks for being so flexible with times."

"I wasn’t sure that Zoom would work for mediation, but it was really useful. Julia made sure that we felt involved and that we both had our say. The breakout rooms were great to gather my thoughts and come back ready to keep talking. Thank you for helping us work through everything. We have been able to go back to working together and things are going much better than they were before the mediation."

"I hadn’t been through mediation before and didn’t realise how much we had to talk about until Julia asked questions and got us started. Once we worked out what was really going on it was much easier to work out how we can do things differently next time and get along better. Fantastic service!"

"Thanks Julia! We wouldn’t have reached an agreement without your help. Now we know what is happening we can focus on being great parents instead of arguing about the arrangements."


"Julia made me feel really comfortable. She explained the process and gave me the chance to ask lots of questions. I didn’t think that we would sort it out without going to Court, but we did."

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